February 22, 2013 5

The world’s final form electronic document format of choice, PDF celebrates its 20th birthday in 2013.

A boring meeting. PDF? How dull… how pre-mobile! Isn’t PDF all about printing, or fixed page layouts, or some other ancient history? How does infinite-scrolling work in PDF anyhow?

I’ve had plenty of conversations with ‘experts’ who are certain that PDF is dead. The marketplace, it seems, would beg to differ.

PDF is just so easy, and you know what you’ve got. That matters.

Below is the Google Trends track for “PDF”. On this page it’s posted alongside the trends for several other file formats and concepts including TIF, HTML EPUB and more.

I’m not claiming the data means a lot (there are many many reasons to include “pdf” in a search), but the trend certainly seems to suggest that PDF is still pretty cool.