April 12, 2013 1

Technical Conference promotion. The PDF Association’s Technical Conference North America 2013 and PDF/A Day this coming August is the first conference I’ve managed. But don’t let that dissuade you from attending! Adobe Systems’ Nora Cavillo, a fellow PDF Association Board member and conference co-organizer, will be there to make sure everything works out well!

Happily, it’s not the PDF Association’s first Technical Conference, or even the first in 2013. This year the organization is holding two Technical Conferences; one in Königswinter, Germany in June and the other (the one I’m managing) in Seattle, Washington on August 14 and 15.

These Technical Conferences provide developer-oriented education on topics specific to PDF and subset PDF ISO standards. Aimed at software engineers the sessions deliver on a wide range of levels; updates on the latest developments in PDF technology, hard-won insights from developers and other subject matter experts, and context from a wide variety of intersecting interests and expertise.

To help us celebrate 20 years of PDF the Seattle Technical Conference Keynote address will be given by none other than Adobe Systems’ Senior Vice President for Technology Bob Wulff.

Bob managed the engineering teams that created Adobe Acrobat version 1.0 through 9.0, powering the behemoth Swiss Army knife of PDF that remains indispensable to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Other conference speakers include a diverse range of recognized experts on subjects such ranging from PDF/A and PDF/UA to display on mobile devices, 3D and interactive PDF.

Immediately following the Technical Conference is the end-user oriented PDF/A Day, a free all-day educational opportunity for end users to learn about the purpose, role, features and limitations of PDF/A, the archival subset of the Portable Document Format.

With 12 sessions in two tracks, PDF/A Day presentations range from theory to practice, with lots of time for questions.