July 18, 2013 13

PDF Association 20 Years of PDF 1993 2013

If you use PDF technology from a software or product-development perspective then you might have heard about the two PDF Association Technical Conferences this year.

The first was in Germany, in June. 80 developers came together from all over the European Union to learn from three simultaneous tracks of sessions. A wide range of technical PDF subjects were covered, from Accessibility to PDF/X.

I’m the lucky guy with the job of organizing the second such Technical Conference of 2013. Never before in North America, this event is very kindly hosted by Adobe Systems at their beautiful lakeside facility in Seattle. The day after the Seattle Technical Conference the PDF Association is staging PDF/A Day, a free opportunity for end-users to learn about the archive standard for PDF technology.

In this case, as well, Adobe’s sponsorship and catering of the event allows the PDF Association to donate a significant portion of the proceeds to the NVDA goes PDF/UA project.

Adobe’s sweet on this event for several reasons; the success of the PDF Association is an authentic validation of Adobe’s decision to give PDF to the ISO. It was a big decision, but it’s proving that PDF is bigger than any vendor.

Anyhow – if you have some spare time in mid August and you want to learn about PDF, now you know…