January 14, 2014 15

I’ve just completed a new article for the PDF Association introducing the Matterhorn Protocol.

It’s intended for software development professionals thinking about accessibility in PDF. The article describes the purpose and function of the Matterhorn Protocol, and explains how developers may use this document to address PDF/UA conformance in a systematic and reliable manner.

While the PDF/UA standard provides developers with the means to get Tagged PDF right, it requires substantial research for those who aren’t already familiar with accessibility requirements. When they are just getting into the subject developers need to know what’s critical, that’s what the Matterhorn Protocol is all about.

In essence, the Matterhorn Protocol is a set of algorithms for software that creates, processes and/or presents PDF files. The article suggests how these tests may be used in PDF creation, validation, editing and viewing.

Read Climbing the Matterhorn: An introduction to the definitive algorithm for PDF/UA conformance on the PDF Association website.