September 29, 2014 0

PDF Day logoAn organization in which I’m rather heavily involved, the PDF Association, is hosting two educational events for IT executives this December, in Washington DC and New York City.

PDF Day is intended to educate IT executives on what PDF can do. Most people think very little about PDF, but the format has (as most readers of this blog know well) an amazing array of features and capabilities… and it’s completely open! Adobe no longer owns PDF; ISO’s TC 171 SC 2 holds it in trust for us all.

PDF Day is pretty straightforward. It’s not for people looking for tips on using Acrobat. This is about the big picture: a chance to talk about what people are doing (or not doing) with electronic documents, and how non-proprietary, mature and universally accepted Portable Document Format (PDF) technology can help you do better.

On December 10, in Washington DC, PDF Day will focus on immediate concerns for government, including archiving and accessibility, including Section 508 compliance.

On December 11, in New York City, PDF Day will center on matters of keen interest in financial services, legal and pharma areas, including regulatory compliance, authentication, redaction and more.

More information about PDF Day, including speakers and sessions, is available from the PDF Association website:

PDF Day Washington DC – December 10 – http://www/

PDF Day New York City – December 11 – http://www/