Does your ECM system support PDF? Are you sure?

Here’s a conversation I have quite often with CIOs and IT managers, not to mention ECM industry people. It usually starts like this: ME: Does your ECM system support PDF documents? CIO: Of course our ECM system supports PDF! I look at PDFs on it everyday! Just about everything in the system is a PDF! That’s always good to know. OK, so then I ask… ME: So, you know how you can add notes to…


PDF still dominates electronic documents online

We already know that PDF documents are the format of choice for final contracts, invoices, manuals and many other documents businesses keep on their own computers, even if they also store them in a cloud repository. But is it the same story online? Do users tend to post Word files? Would they prefer to integrate PowerPoint slides directly into web pages, or do they post a PDF instead? For this latest update in my efforts…


Sorry publishers, EPUB is dying

[Ironic Note: While this site is responsive, the Google Trends graph, above, which shows relative search-volume for “EPUB” has fallen back to summer 2012 levels, may not display correctly on a phone or similar-sized device.] As it became clear to the IDPF that publishers weren’t going to give up on a crafted, beautiful, printable page, they added support for fixed-layout pages to EPUB. Publishers had said they wanted a single deliverable format that did it…