Duff has published dozens of articles since the late 1990s to help educate IT executives, CIOs, developers and others on PDF, accessibility and electronic document technology. This page includes links to most of Duff’s feature-length articles in approximate chronological order (newest at top).

Most of the older articles are now maintained on TalkingPDF.org. Most writing since 2016 or so is posted on the PDF Association website, and may not be linked from here.

Why Section 508 needs PDF/UA

Lists: Contrasting HTML with PDF

Climbing the Matterhorn (on pdfa.org)

Interest in PDF vs. other formats

From the Seattle Technical Conference (on pdfa.org)

It Just Works! PDF Turns 20 (on pdfa.org)

The Argument for Skipping Heading Levels

Software Supporting PDF/UA

PDF may be Web Content, but it’s Always PDF (on CommonLook.com)

Developing a Business Case for Accessible PDF (on CommonLook.com)

Why Web Managers Hate (and thus ignore) PDF (on CommonLook.com)

ISO 14289-1:2012 (PDF/UA) is here! (on CommonLook.com)

WCAG 2.0 and PDF/UA – Your Questions Answered (on CommonLook.com)

WebAIM’s Survey: Headings Matter to Users of Assistive Technologies (on CommonLook.com)

What’s EPUB in a PDF World? (on CommonLook.com)

HTML vs. OOXML (MS Word) vs. PDF vs. PDF/UA (on CommonLook.com)

What is PDF/UA? 5 reasons why it matters (on CommonLook.com)

What Follows WCAG 2.0 (on CommonLook.com)

Defining “Heading” in HTML and PDF (on CommonLook.com)

Heading Levels: Navigation or Decoration? (on CommonLook.com)

The Section 508 Refresh Takes a Far Too Expansive View of WCAG 2.0 (on CommonLook.com)

Thinking Beyond the PDF

You Reap What You Sow: The Australian Government’s Report on PDF Accessibility

Accessibility – What PDF/A-1a really means (on pdfa.org)

REVIEW: 5 Free PDF Readers Compared

Each PDF Page is a Painting

Reader Extensions: Read the Fine Print First

White Paper: How to Implement PDF/A

PDF Forms: More than Fields Alone

What you don’t know about PDF can hurt you

Why PDF?

Is PDF an Open Standard?

No, PDF is NOT owned by Adobe!

Word doesn’t do Section 508, PDF gets the blame (on PlanetPDF)

REVIEW: Four Free PDF Readers

The Command-Line: Reliability Never Goes Out of Style

The Tablet: What it Means for Publishing

PDF on the iPhone: The First Swipe (on PlanetPDF)

Understanding Acrobat’s Optimizer (on AcrobatUsers.com)

Make your PDFs work well with Google (on AcrobatUsers.com)

The PDF Prescription for Health Care Cost Control

How Reader Extensions Should be Sold (on PlanetPDF)

PDF is Green Tech for Your Office (on PlanetPDF)

The content that endures: What to know about PDF/A

PDF goes to ISO: The road ahead

REVIEW: PDF Bookmarks: Surveying the options (originally written for AcrobatUsers.com)

PDF Goes to ISO: Some Background

PDF in Government (originally written for AcrobatUsers.com)

PDF Usability: Debate and Reality (originally written for AcrobatUsers.com)

Acrobat Bookmarks: Why and How (originally written for AcrobatUsers.com)

Maximizing PDF Usability (on AcrobatUsers.com)

Digital Signatures with PDF and Acrobat (on AcrobatUsers.com)

REVIEW: A Survey of Redaction Tools (on AcrobatUsers.com)

What are “PDF tags” and why should I care? (on AcrobatUsers.com)

REVIEW: CVISION’s PdfCompressor: Squeeze your PDFs, and more (on PlanetPDF)

Legacy Content Conversion: Generating citations, revenue and goodwill from your publication history (originally written for Journal Publishing)

REVIEW: ARTS PDF’s Aerialist Pro

REVIEW: First Impressions of Acrobat 7.0 (on PlanetPDF)

Accessible PDF: A Strategic Review

Strategies for PDF Accessibility: Tagged PDF vs Accessibility for the Masses

PDF files can comply with Section 508. Now it’s your move.

What is PDF?

PDF Online 101 – A Crash Course

New Life for Old Content (originally written for Electronic Publishing)

REVIEW – Adobe Acrobat 5.0: “Focus on the Document” (on PlanetPDF)

REVIEW: Acrobat Capture 3.0x: Adobe Fires Back, Nearly Misses (on PlanetPDF)