PDF/UA, ISO 14289, was published in July, 2012 after 8 years of development by AIIM’s US Committee for PDF/UA. The PDF/UA standard describes a specific way of using ISO 32000-1:2008, the PDF specification, to produce reliably accessible PDF files.

This page will attempt to maintain an updated list of software supporting PDF/UA, as well as a history of developments in the PDF/UA world.

NOTE: While good-faith efforts are made to keep this information up to date, this table should not be assumed to be complete or accurate. Further, the information provided is, of necessity, at an extremely high level. Please contact the vendors directly to learn more about their products. The table will be updated as new information is made available.

Vendors Planning or Shipping Products that Support PDF/UA

VendorProduct / PlatformTypeCreateAssembleEditVerifyViewerStatus
Access for All*PAC 2.0 / WDesktop---HumanHTML / RTFShipping
Actuate CorporationDocument Accessibility Appliance / ManyServerYesYes-PartialHTMLShipping
Adobe SystemsAcrobat / W & MDesktopYesYesYesHumanYes & APITBA
InDesign / W & MDesktopYes----TBA
axaio softwareMadeToTag / W & MPlug-in (InDesign)Yes--Partial-Shipping
callas softwarepdfGoHTML / W & MPlug-in (Acrobat)---PartialHTMLShipping
pdfaPilot / ManyServer & Desktop--SomePartialHTML / EPUBShipping
Crawford TechnologiesPRO Transform Plus / ManyServerYesYes---Shipping
DatalogicsAdobe PDF Library / ManyLibrariesYes----Shipping
kühn & weyh SoftwareM/TEXT CS 6.5 / JavaDesktop/ServerYes----Shipping
iTextiText Core / Java & C#LibrariesYesYes---Shipping
NetCentricCommonLook Clarity / WDesktop & Server---Machine-TBD
CommonLook Office / WAdd-in (MS Office)Yes--Human-TBD
CommonLook PDF Global Access / WPlug-in (Acrobat)--YesHuman-Shipping
NV AccessNVDA / WAssistive Tech.----Yes (AT)Mostly complete
PDFlib GmbHPDFlib 9 family / ManyLibrariesYesYes-Machine-Shipping
xyMediaaxesPDF QuickFix / WDesktop--YesYesHTML PreviewShipping
axesPDF for Word / WAdd-in (MS Word)Yes--Machine-In Beta

* – Access for All’s PAC is developed by xyMedia.

Key to Product Features

  • Create – The ability to create PDF/UA conforming (tagged) PDF files from a source file or existing untagged PDF.
  • Assemble – The ability to assemble two (or more) conforming PDF/UA files together, outputting a conforming file.
  • Edit – The ability to update the logical structure tree, ie, to remediate an existing tagged PDF.
  • Verify – The ability to check aspects of a file for PDF/UA conformance.
    • “Machine” verification indicates software-only checks without human verification. Absent human verification, machine verification is usually inadequate
    • “Human” verification indicates that the software includes, in addition to machine checks, a means of allowing a user to verify elements requiring human verification, such as judging the quality of alt. text or confirming valid reading order.
    • “Partial” means that the software provides some limited aspects of verification such as a “quick check.”
  • Viewer – The product includes an end-user-oriented interactive PDF (or PDF-alternative) viewer, akin to Adobe Reader.

NOTE: Feature claims have not been independently verified.


What’s happening in PDF/UA today

The History of PDF/UA and supporting documentation

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