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PDF/UA, ISO 14289, was published in July, 2012 after 8 years of development by AIIM’s US Committee for PDF/UA. The PDF/UA standard describes a specific way of using ISO 32000-1:2008, the PDF specification, to produce reliably accessible PDF files.

NOTE: This page is no longer maintained. For more current information on PDF/UA software visit the PDF Association’s PDF/UA feature support page.

Vendors Planning or Shipping Products that Support PDF/UA

VendorProduct / PlatformTypeCreateAssembleEditVerifyViewerStatus
Access for All*PAC 2.0 / WDesktop---HumanHTML / RTFShipping
Actuate CorporationDocument Accessibility Appliance / ManyServerYesYes-PartialHTMLShipping
Adobe SystemsAcrobat / W & MDesktopYesYesYesHumanYes & APITBA
InDesign / W & MDesktopYes----TBA
axaio softwareMadeToTag / W & MPlug-in (InDesign)Yes--Partial-Shipping
callas softwarepdfGoHTML / W & MPlug-in (Acrobat)---PartialHTMLShipping
pdfaPilot / ManyServer & Desktop--SomePartialHTML / EPUBShipping
Crawford TechnologiesPRO Transform Plus / ManyServerYesYes---Shipping
DatalogicsAdobe PDF Library / ManyLibrariesYes----Shipping
kühn & weyh SoftwareM/TEXT CS 6.5 / JavaDesktop/ServerYes----Shipping
iTextiText Core / Java & C#LibrariesYesYes---Shipping
NetCentricCommonLook Clarity / WDesktop & Server---Machine-TBD
CommonLook Office / WAdd-in (MS Office)Yes--Human-TBD
CommonLook PDF Global Access / WPlug-in (Acrobat)--YesHuman-Shipping
NV AccessNVDA / WAssistive Tech.----Yes (AT)Mostly complete
PDFlib GmbHPDFlib 9 family / ManyLibrariesYesYes-Machine-Shipping
xyMediaaxesPDF QuickFix / WDesktop--YesYesHTML PreviewShipping
axesPDF for Word / WAdd-in (MS Word)Yes--Machine-In Beta

* – Access for All’s PAC is developed by xyMedia.

Key to Product Features

  • Create – The ability to create PDF/UA conforming (tagged) PDF files from a source file or existing untagged PDF.
  • Assemble – The ability to assemble two (or more) conforming PDF/UA files together, outputting a conforming file.
  • Edit – The ability to update the logical structure tree, ie, to remediate an existing tagged PDF.
  • Verify – The ability to check aspects of a file for PDF/UA conformance.
    • “Machine” verification indicates software-only checks without human verification. Absent human verification, machine verification is usually inadequate
    • “Human” verification indicates that the software includes, in addition to machine checks, a means of allowing a user to verify elements requiring human verification, such as judging the quality of alt. text or confirming valid reading order.
    • “Partial” means that the software provides some limited aspects of verification such as a “quick check.”
  • Viewer – The product includes an end-user-oriented interactive PDF (or PDF-alternative) viewer, akin to Adobe Reader.

NOTE: Feature claims have not been independently verified.


What’s happening in PDF/UA today

The History of PDF/UA and supporting documentation

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