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Over to the PDF Association

March 31, 2020 16

Starting April Fools Day 2020 I will go full-time at the PDF Association as its CEO. I will remain available for occasional and brief consulting engagements, especially for my existing clients.

Why Section 508 Needs PDF/UA

February 8, 2019 73

The following article was presented as Duff’s 2nd round of testimony to the US Access Board on the NPRM for Section 508 released February 18, 2015. The Remarks are in addition to my previous testimony…

Can you imagine a world without HTML? How about PDF?

January 6, 2016 202

It’s impossible, even in principle, to imagine a world without HTML, isn’t it? Certainly, there are various ways to convey textual content… but textual information will itself be a means…

Does your ECM system support PDF? Are you sure?

October 12, 2015 1010

Here’s a conversation I have quite often with CIOs and IT managers, not to mention ECM industry people. It usually starts like this: ME: Does your ECM system support PDF documents?

PDF still dominates electronic documents online

October 7, 2015 18

We already know that PDF documents are the format of choice for final contracts, invoices, manuals and many other documents businesses keep on their own computers, even if they also store them in a cloud repository. But is it the same story online? Do users tend to post Word files? Would they prefer to integrate PowerPoint slides directly into web pages, or do they post a PDF instead? For this latest update in my efforts…

Sorry publishers, EPUB is dying

September 29, 2015 21

[Ironic Note: While this site is responsive, the Google Trends graph, above, which shows relative search-volume for “EPUB” has fallen back to summer 2012 levels, may not display correctly on a phone or similar-sized device.] As it became clear to the IDPF that publishers weren’t going to give up on a crafted, beautiful, printable page, they added support for fixed-layout pages to EPUB. Publishers had said they wanted a single deliverable format that did it…

Reviewing PDF/UA-related comments on the Section 508 NPRM

June 1, 2015 21

The comment period has closed on the US Access Board’s NPRM for the refresh of Section 508. This article reviews the 17 (out of 126) comments that mention PDF/UA. I’ve grouped them into four categories: First are those who don’t speak to PDF/UA per se, but are focussed on other concerns (largely, the purchase-price of the… Read more

Has EPUB peaked?

March 2, 2015 670

EPUB, the latest much-touted “replacement” for PDF as the world’s electronic document format, appears to have peaked, and is now in the process of returning to earth. That is, according to Google Trends data as of March 2, 2015 (as captured in this screen-shot): The internationally-standardized PDF format, however, continues to gain: Notwithstanding IBM’s announcement… Read more

iOS Safari’s Reader View… when will it support PDF?

February 21, 2015 19

And who might beat Apple and Adobe to it? It’s pretty easy to visualize what support for tagged PDF on mobile devices might look like, because the feature already exists in iOS’s default Safari browser. Unfortunately, as of February 2015 it only works for some web (HTML) pages, and not yet PDF. By leveraging the… Read more

The 8 most popular document formats on the Web in 2015

February 12, 2015 89

Now in its 5th year, and updated annually, this post continues to track document file-format popularity as measured by way of Google’s “filetype:” search. Note that in 2014 I added EPUB, Open Document formats (ODT, ODP, ODS), TXT and RTF to the survey. This (naturally) caused a “hit” in the size of the PDF bar relative… Read more