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pdfGoHTML: PDF Reflow Done Right

January 21, 2013 363

Last week I wrote about Acrobat’s export to HTML feature, how it was missing from Acrobat X and XI, and how Adobe has made it available once again. Today we’re going to talk about an interesting implementation based on the idea of converting well-tagged PDF to HTML.

Adobe Returns Export of Tagged PDF to HTML to Acrobat

January 18, 2013 16

Back in December I noticed that a feature in Adobe Acrobat I’d always thought very valuable was now missing: the ability to export tagged PDF to HTML or Word using the document’s structure (tags). What are “tags” in PDF files? Tags are the feature of PDF that provides reading order and semantic structure – headings,… Read more

80% of non-HTML documents posted online are PDFs. Deal with it.

January 15, 2013 18

Most website developers and web content managers prefer to pretend that the world’s chosen portable document format, better known as PDF, doesn’t exist. Yes, if you post a PDF, your content management system will grudgingly provide a link. So far as your CMS is concerned, however, that PDF could be the company’s annual report or… Read more

Welcome, and stay tuned!

January 9, 2013 61

After 17 years as a founder, CEO and then president of three companies, it’s time for me to hang out my own shingle. Finally – no payroll! The QuickBooks site tells me I’ll be able to run this business from my iPhone. I’m skeptical, but then, I’m always skeptical.