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Sorry publishers, EPUB is dying

September 29, 2015 20

[Ironic Note: While this site is responsive, the Google Trends graph, above, which shows relative search-volume for “EPUB” has fallen back to summer 2012 levels, may not display correctly on a phone or similar-sized device.] As it became clear to the IDPF that publishers weren’t going to give up on a crafted, beautiful, printable page, they added support for fixed-layout pages to EPUB. Publishers had said they wanted a single deliverable format that did it…

Has EPUB peaked?

March 2, 2015 580

EPUB, the latest much-touted “replacement” for PDF as the world’s electronic document format, appears to have peaked, and is now in the process of returning to earth. That is, according to Google Trends data as of March 2, 2015 (as captured in this screen-shot): The internationally-standardized PDF format, however, continues to gain: Notwithstanding IBM’s announcement… Read more

98% of .com is HTML but 38% of .gov is PDF!

March 10, 2014 579

I’ve been tracking the relative popularity of electronic document file-formats for several years – here’s the February 2014 survey. Along the way I’ve noticed that the .com domain (and at least some top-level country-specific domains) tend to have far higher proportions of HTML files compared with .gov, .edu and .org (see chart). Let’s go ahead… Read more