Duff Johnson helped us renegotiate existing relationships, updated out licensing model, enhance our sales tools, professionalize the organization and create a business plan to take us to the next level.
Duff helped NetCentric move our marketing efforts to a better, more focused, consistent and effective place....
His advice is very valuable; he\'s helped me organize my thinking about the road ahead.
We\'ve doubled the staff and more hires are planned in the future. The already existing growth is now running in the next gear.
Duff not only explained the idea to us better than the developer had, he also helped develop the investment plan.



Reorganized the existing North American operations, launched a new office, hired staff, researched and developed a strategic plan.Learn More...


Overhauled the company’s branding, reorganized and rewrote the website, created new sales tools, helped train sales staff, overhauled product documentation….Learn More...

Closing Binders

Consulted on subjects ranging from technical specifications to alternative products and new markets.Learn More

Some Clients

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